About us

About Transforma Travel Group

Transforma Travel Group is a leading youth travel company – paving the way for group adventure and educational tours worldwide. Our team formed of 80 passionate travellers who span 20 nationalities and 12 base countriesare dedicated to curating transformative travel experiences that inspire a passion for exploring the world, lasting a lifetime. 

Our story

Our goal to create unforgettable travel experiences began in Asia, when we first started running tours across China. The idea was sparked by director, Ramsay Kerr, after travelling around various countries during his gap year. He found that unlike some countries where travelling around was made easy for backpackers – in China, it wasn’t. Barriers, such as affordability of tours, difficult transport networks, and language barriers, stood in the way for those wanting to travel around China. 
Enter, The Dragon Trip – a youth travel company offering, adventurous, authentic, and affordable backpacking tours across Asia, starting with China in 2011. Within the first 5 years, The Dragon Trip welcomed over 4,000 people on life-changing adventures across Asia. Growing ever since, tours now operate all over Asia, taking backpackers everywhere from South Korea to India, Nepal to Japan. 
In 2012, The Dragon Trip supported a UK school with a school trip inspired by the itineraries of our China tours. Continued success of these tours thereafter saw the launch of The Learning Adventure in 2017 - which is now a market-leading specialist in educational tours across the world, from France to South Korea. So far, we have successfully run transformative travel experience for over 8000 students, in 24 countries across 3 continents.
Fast-forward again, and as the world began to reopen in the wake of COVID-19, The Coyote Trip was born. Our goal here was simple – to provide travellers with the same immersive, adventurous experiences that The Dragon Trip does in Asia, but this time in North America. With Canada following hot on the heels of our USA tours, The Coyote Trip’s burgeoning brand aims to take authentic travel Stateside.

Our Mission

At Transforma Travel Group, our mission is simple - to expand minds through transformative travel experiences.

We understand that travel isn’t just about visiting new places; it’s about cultural immersion, connecting with local communities, and embracing meaningful experiences with new people that leave a lasting impact. 

We know that travel has the power to shape who we are as people – and we want to harness that to create industry-leading adventure tours and market-leading educational trips for groups across the world. 

Everything we do – from creating our trip itineraries to running them on the ground – aims to provide our travellers with an authentic taste of the places we explore. Our priority is to create unmissable, incredible moments for the adventurers who choose to see the world with us. 

Our core values


Our team is driven by a passion to explore and share the world’s wonders. We spark curiosity, guiding travellers beyond their daily routines, immersing them in new destinations and new cultures. We believe travel is the gateway to discovery - of ourselves and the world around us.


Through our meaningful adventures, we unite global citizens with a shared love for travel and exploration. On our tours led by local guides, we support the communities we visit, partnering with local suppliers wherever possible.


Our group of innovative brands is led by an ambitious team eager to expand horizons and think outside the box. We open up unseen parts of the world to our travellers - challenging them to new experiences and changing their outlook on life.

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