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No Tourist Traps, No Souvenir Stops, Just Dragon Trips

At The Dragon Trip, we’re all about diving into new adventures with an open mind. From immersing ourselves in new cultures to making friends from around the globe – we ensure our travellers are experiencing life to the fullest. 

We provide budget-friendly group tours across Asia, taking travellers off the beaten track to the places harder to travel solo, to experience life like a local. From camping under the stars alongside the Great Wall of China, to a meditation class in a Buddhist temple in Japan, our trips create memories that last a lifetime. 

Choose from our range of tours catering to budget-conscious backpackers, adventurous families, and those seeking a little more comfort. With hundreds of five-star reviews for our trips across Asia, every Dragon Trip is curated for passionate travellers by passionate travellers, promising an epic journey filled with unforgettable moments.

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What makes a Dragon Trip?

Dragon Moments
These are the ‘wow’ moments that make an unforgettable trip. From waking up to sunrise in India's Thar desert to a Q&A session with a North Korean defector at the DMZ – every tour includes an experience that is truly unforgettable.
Unmissable Attractions
We guarantee to visit incredible sights on every tour, from the Taj Mahal at sunrise, to giant pandas at the Rehabilitation Center in Chengdu and the largest religious monument on the planet - Angkor Wat. There's always something exciting to see.
Evening Adventures
The fun continues long after sunset on a Dragon Trip. Whether it’s swimming with bioluminescent plankton in Cambodia, taking a boat tour in Busan, or visiting a Sikh temple at night in India, our trips are full of nighttime adventures.
Amazing People
It’s the people that make our tours. From local Adventure Leaders, the insiders of the communities that we visit, to the fellow Dragons united by a passion for travel and adventure – every group tour provides the chance to make friends for life.
Foodie Experiences
It’s all about the food. Discover the cultural cuisines unique to each of our destinations, from bustling night markets in Thailand to a Korean BBQ on Jeju Island. Our tours also allow travellers to try their hand themselves, whether it be momo-making in Nepal or sushi-making in Japan.
Helping Communities
We partner with local businesses for accommodation, transport, and activities wherever we can, and our local Adventure Leaders provide the best recommendations for food and drink, ensuring support for local communities.
Local Knowledge
Our tours are curated by in-country experts from start to finish. With the best routes, accommodations, and highlights handpicked by those who know them best, we promise an unforgettable adventure.
Safety First
Our Dragons are our top priority. We offer backup plans aplenty, and a team ready to spring into action, with a 24-hour emergency line on hand whenever needed.