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No Tourist Traps, No Souvenir Stops, Just Coyote Trips

At The Coyote Trip, we’re all about seizing the moment, diving headfirst into new adventures, and connecting with the vibrant communities we encounter, all while making lifelong friends from around the globe.  

Our group tours across the USA and Canada provide our Coyotes with the most authentic and enriching experiences. Whether it’s hiking in awe-inspiring Yosemite, whale-watching in Boston, or discovering the breathtaking wonders of the Grand Canyon, our trips promise an unforgettable adventure.  

We’ll take you there

What makes a Coyote Trip?

Go somewhere different
We not only visit the must-see attractions but also immerse ourselves in the local, cultural experiences. From exploring foodie gems in Washington DC to wandering Little Italy in Boston - we get in and amongst the communities we visit.
Connect with Culture
We make genuine connections with the places we visit and the people who live there. From taking part in an ocean clean-up in LA, to traditional cultural ceremonies led by local Indigenous communities in Whistler.
Epic Adventure Leaders
Our Adventure Leaders are Americans who are passionate about sharing insights into their history, culture, and traditions. They'll also provide insider tips on the best spots for eating, drinking, and relaxing.
Friends for life
Solo travellers make up the majority on our group tours, though we welcome couples and groups of friends too. We unite travellers from all over the world, all seeking to expand their horizons and make memories for life.