Our Brands

At The Dragon Trip, we dive into new adventures with an open mind, ensuring travellers experience life to the fullest. Our budget-friendly group tours across Asia offer off-the-beaten-track experiences, from camping by the Great Wall to meditation in Japanese temples. Choose from tours for backpackers, families, or comfort-seekers, curated by passionate travelers, promising unforgettable moments. 

At The Coyote Trip, we’re all about offering authentic experiences and making lifelong friends from around the world. Our group tours across the USA and Canada promise an unforgettable adventure from hiking in awe-inspiring Yosemite to whale-watching in Boston, and lots in-between. 

At The Learning Adventure, we believe travel is the key to discovery and growth for young minds. Our mission: enrich students’ lives through transformative travel. With a passionate team, we provide engaging, educational journeys worldwide. Through experiential learning, we inspire curiosity, cultural understanding, and a love for learning that goes beyond the classroom.